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Core Drilling

Americore technicians are trained to Core Drill holes through any type of aggregate, whether it be on the floor or on the wall.


Wall Openings

When creating openings through heavily reinforced concrete walls, no machine is safer and quicker than the wall saw.


Floor Opening

Flat Saw Cutting is the process of cutting concrete slabs with a diamond blade.



Over the last 15 years hand sawing has become more effective in the concrete cutting industry.


Concrete Breaking

Our Concrete Breaking service is ideal for those seeking a reliable and professional solution for their construction needs.


Rock Splitting

Americore is equipped with a series of rock splitting tools, which allow us to 


Floor Grinding & Polishing

Americore levels concrete with precision through floor grinding and enhances floors with durable, polished aesthetics.


GPR/Concrete Imaging

Americore technicians use state of the art radar equipment to scan a range of surface types.

bank vault removal.JPG

Bank Vault Removal

Outdated bank vaults no longer serve their purpose. Americore specializes in the meticulous removal of these relics, clearing the way for modern banking solutions.

Benefits of Using Americore Technicians

  • Each technician undergoes thorough instruction regarding the operation of the equipment, as well as interpretation of the data. 

  • All technicians are OSHA certified, and complete mandatory monthly safety classes.

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