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Core Drilling

 Americore technicians are trained to Core Drill holes through any type of aggregate, whether it be on the floor or on the wall. Americore has the ability to Diamond Core Drill holes with a capacity of 1/8” up to 36” in diameter.


We have never walked away from a difficult hole and we never will. Americore carries several types of Core Drill rigs to get in the tightest of areas to core drill. Difficult ones take us a day, the impossible ones take a little longer.


We provide holes of any diameter and at any depth you require. Holes may be Core Drilled for several reasons – the most common reason for Core Drilling a hole through a floor or wall is for pipe passage. Other reasons may include: 

-- Plumbing Pipes 

-- Data Wiring

-- Risers and Stacks

-- Electrical Conduits

-- Sprinkler Pipes

-- Anchor Bolts

-- HVAC Ducts

-- Stitch Drilling

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