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Saw Cutting Project in a High Rise Building

Recently, Americore was hired by a General Contractor to saw cut the edge of the 28th floors as part of a design change. Using logistics, years of experience and know how, we were able to cut the slab edges and protect all surrounding areas from even the smallest disturbance. This job was no easy feat and the building contractors and management team were incredibly satisfied after we completed this extremely difficult task. We can provide our customers with several options when it comes to Flat Sawing. Americore is equipped to Sawcut using gas, electric, or hydraulics. We are able to cut up to 30” in depth with Diamond Blades and are equipped to go even deeper with our Wire Saw setup.

Saw Cutting provides an advantage when breaking concrete is not allowed, and it's the easiest, cleanest, quietest and most cost effective way to cut concrete. For more info, check out our saw cutting page on the website at or contact us directly at

Here's a video from the project:

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