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Bits and Blades

Diamond Blades


Our customers are extremely important to us. We understand that everyone is looking for a reliable and cost effective company that produces positive results. Americore Drilling and Cutting is that company and we promise to deliver professionalism to each and every customer, big and small. We always respect every customer’s wishes and honor them as best we can at every opportunity. Customer satisfaction is the key to our success.


We understand that some customers have their own employees and do the concrete cutting and core drilling themselves. All jobs may not require you to hire us, which is why we supply equipment as well. We stock diamond bits in addition to the following items:

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bits and blades- diamond core bits.png

Diamond Core Bits

All our bits are of premium quality which allow for long lasting life and faster drilling. Americore stands behind all drill bits and will give guaranteed footage to meet your job specifications. Our versatility in manufacturing enables us to custom make, upon request, a bit to drill through any special building materials.


Also available is a complete line of poke-through diamond bits, bolt removal bits, and extra-long bits all with a 24-hour turn-around. Call us today with your requirements and please specify total cutting length required and diameter of the bit.


Our carbide hammer bits are a tough bit with consistent performance because of tungsten carbide. Tungsten carbide is the highest quality yet identified for carbide drills. They stay sharp through hours of hard labor. You get a cutting edge you can count on to drill without difficulty through foot after foot of hard aggregate. Our carbide hammer bits provide superior performance, a longer useful life, resulting in lower tool cost for you.


-- Complete line of carbide hammer drill bits to fit virtually all types of rotary hammers.

-- We stock a complete line of carbide core bits and carbide blades.

-- Masonry blades for cutting concrete and/or steel.

-- Various types of cold chisels and bullpoints for all your breaking hammers.


Also, a complete line of high speed bits and steel cutting hole saws.

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Rentals and Repairs

Americore is very proud of the diamond blades and bits that we produce and sell to our customers. We are prouder still of our desire and ability to service all that we sell and rent in the way of equipment. Our mechanics have a combined 41 years of expertise in the repair of all types of electric saws, breakers, rotary hammers, drill motors and gasoline/electric motors for walk-behind saws. Our rental fleet is the finest in the metro area bar none because we keep our rental fleet superbly maintained and we are constantly rotating new equipment into our rental division.


We have available for rent, electric rotary hammers, electric demolition jack hammers, core drilling rigs, recirculating systems and concrete floor cutting saws. Please call us today for our very competitive rental rates.

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