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Wall Openings

When creating openings through heavily reinforced concrete walls, no machine is safer and quicker than the Wall Saw. The Wall Saw machine was designed to cut concrete walls with precision and perfection.


The machine slides on a track that is anchored to the face of the wall. With premium diamond blades we are able to cut through the strongest concrete with heavy reinforcement and can cut up to 33” deep.


We can provide Wall Saw service for exterior and interior work environments. We also have a remote control Wall Saw for hard to reach locations and unsafe work zones. We have over 20 years experience of cutting with these machines so call us today for a quote if you are in need of a:

-- Door Opening

-- Deep Cutting

-- Structural Removal

-- Bank Vault

-- Window Opening

-- Foundation         Correction

-- Concrete Beam

-- Column     Demolition

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